International Day of Friendship

The world is filled with too much hatred, too much fighting and too much mistrust.  The International Day of Friendship is certainly an opportunity too stop, and reverse these world problems.
According to the United Nations, the official sponsor of this special day, the International Day of Friendship is a day to set aside to promote friendship among peoples, cultures and countries.  It is a time to encourage efforts towards peace, and to build bridges among different people.  It is a day to respect others and a day to celebrate diversity.  Accordingly to the United Nations, on this day, groups and governments should hold events and activities to promote mutual understanding and reconciliation.
On an individual level, use this day to promote friendship in big and small ways.  You can begin by “extending an olive branch: to a sibling or a family member, a neighbour, or an old friend who we’ve had a falling out with.  If we all try just a little the world will be a friendlier and more peaceful place.
Date: Friday 30 July 2021