28 Hotel is located just a 2-minute walk from Kensington Street, Sydney’s new emerging downtown.

No one is an outsider to Kensington Street.

Narrow paved streets with alley nooks are loud from the bustle of hungry locals. A wonderful aroma of pounded spices and wok fires fills the air, and in open kitchens chefs swing roti, boil stocks and cleave slabs of crisp pork belly.

It sounds like a description of Penang or one of Singapore’s hawker centres. But this is Spice Alley, an outdoor street-food market that’s on the new central downtown.

The four permanent Spice Alley stalls are lined up across the façade of Kensington Street’s. A colourful circle of sunlit stools, red lanterns, South-East Asian street-inspired murals and entrances which lead to hollowed terrace rooms with echoing halls, bare brick walls and the occasional table. Depending where you sit it can either feel quite intimate or hectic of Asian hawker culture.

The stalls, run by veterans of some of Sydney’s most-popular South-East Asian restaurants, are true to hawker-centre tradition. Almost all of the classic street-food staples are $10 and under.